The Art of Kissing

Many of you are surely ambivalent about the art of kissing. It’s a sign of intimacy and the beginning of most sexual encounters.

But is it nothing more than a means to an end?

This question is especially pertinent when you're kissing someone who is not a romantic partner.

A one-night-stand, a professional, or a friend with benefits. Should you even bother kissing them?

After all, other aspects of sex are so much more pleasurable.

The answer is that kissing is more than a means to an end. It’s a very important part of any sexual encounter. However, there is a caveat. You need to be doing it right.

Here’s why.

Activating Sexual Bliss

There’s one thing your preconceived notions certainly got right. Kissing is a great way to start. There are thousands of nerve-endings in the lips that stimulate desire. And every single person needs stimulation in order to have good sex.

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Stimulation is obviously most important right at the beginning.

However, if you really want to pleasure a girl, you need to realise that stimulation is necessary throughout.

While you may be able to go from one to a hundred without any problem, it takes a lot more for girls to reach orgasm.

But continued stimulation is not just important for the girl.

Good kissing will take your own gratification to another level. It gives you the chance to up the level of eroticism without finishing too quickly.

In other words, it’s a gateway to more intense, long-lasting sex.

7 Kissing Techniques To Drive Your Partner Wild

Kissing may seem easy enough.

Everyone from preteens to the elderly can do it, after all. But few people make the most of it.

To make the most out of making out, use the following techniques which will drive your partner wild.

Small pecks.

Start by giving her small pecks all around, but not on, the lips. This teasing will immediately up the intensity, getting her and you hot and giggling.

Be playful.

once you reach her lips, don’t revert to type. Instead of going for her jugular with your tongue, be playful. Brush your lips across hers. Take her lip gently between your teeth. Only then start with the more straightforward, passionate kisses.

Don’t overdo the tongue.

The first time I kissed a girl, I nearly choked her. To be fair, she was doing the same. We were teenagers who thought that tongue-kissing was supposed to be an important step towards sex. But in reality, more than a little tongue is usually too much tongue. You can regulate yourself simply by thinking about how much of her tongue you want in your mouth. And, if she starts pushing back, it’s probably a good idea to dial it down a bit.

During sex, do it with passion.

Don’t stop kissing even once you're past the foreplay. I don’t mean that your lips should be locked all the time. Rather, every so often, slow down by going in for passionate kisses.

This will help you last longer while increasing the amount of passion and intimacy. This will also help increase her enjoyment and the possibility that she’ll orgasm.

Go all out.

As you reach the height of passion, go all out with your kissing. Stop regulating it and just go with what feels right.

Kiss not just her lips but her face, neck, shoulders, breasts, and whatever else is in reach, depending on your position.

Remember the after-play.

For us men, sex ends with orgasm. When we finish, we’re finished. It is natural to want your space. And to be fair, many women feel the same.

They want to disconnect after so much passionate connection. But women don’t finish as definitively as men do. They can go on orgasming, and so it’s a good idea to wind down your session with some gentle kissing.

Remember these zones.

Other parts of the body that are ideal for kissing include the ears, neck, fingers and, of course, the breasts.