Sexy Soapy Fun in London

A soapy massage in London is a particularly erotic experience

While it originated in the East, soapy massages have become popular in the West, and London is the perfect city to try it.

With our expert Asian masseuses taking care of you, you're guaranteed to leave the session satisfied from top to bottom.

What is a London soapy massage?

A soapy massage is exactly as it sounds. You’ll start with a shower or bath with the masseuse, during which she’ll clean you all over.

She’ll use every part of her body to do so, scrubbing you down and getting you hot and clean.

After this exhilarating start, she lies you down on the massage table or mat and applies soap.

Now that you're slippery, she uses her body to massage you, using techniques to make sure it’s more than just a sensual experience.

It will feel uplifting, will benefit your body, and leave you pampered and stress-free.

Where did the soapy massage originate?

The soapy massage originated in Thailand, which is known for its massage expertise as well as its sensual wanders.

There they perfected erotic massage, and it was brought to London not long after.

It is uncomplicated, but sensual in unexpected ways.

It will prime you for the ultimate ending, and have you coming back for more before long.

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Reasons to try soapy massage in London

Most men will not need to be convinced that they need to try a soapy massage.

The thought of being naked and slippery with a beautiful, nude Asian masseuse is enough of a reason to come right through.

But there are added benefits that sweeten the deal.

  • increase circulation to the skin and skin elasticity

  • reduce stress and anxiety

  • promote body awareness

  • create a feeling of wellbeing

Most importantly, you will leave with your self-esteem boosted.

You will have been cared for and your desires will have been indulged, proving to you that your fantasies can become realities.