Sensual Asian Massages London Style

Even if you've never visited Asia, you should know that the East is the source of the art of massage.

Not only are there many different types of Asian massages, but we also think of massages as more authentic when they're Asian.

Works like the Kama Sutra have established the East as the authority on erotic touch as well. For this reason, there are also myriad erotic massage techniques that came from Asia.

With the huge availability of sensual Asian massage in London, it might be the best city outside of Asia to experience erotic Asian massages.

Why have so many sensual massage styles come from Asia?

There are so many erotic massage styles that come from Asia. You're no doubt familiar with tantra and the tantric massage, which [facilitate] sexual enlightenment in a way that no other practice does.

But there are a plethora of others you may not have heard of.

One of the most popular is called the nuru massage, during which the masseuse covers your body and hers with a slippery gel and slips and slides across your body.

The soapy massage is somewhat similar, except different techniques are used during the process.

As massage originated in Asia, it’s not that surprising that sensual massage originated there as well. But there’s more to it than a matter of Asia being the source of massage.

It is also a source of much of what we’ve learned about sexuality.

While the West only recently became more liberal in sexual practice, parts of the East have always embraced physicality.

Why do men find Asian women so attractive?

Europe has always had a fascination with the East. It has been seen as exotic, with people and wisdom totally different to what we have here.

Obviously, in our globalised world, Asians and Europeans are more similar now than ever. However, the allure has remained.

Many men tend to see Asian women as having access to knowledge that Westerners do not.

When it comes to Asian masseuses in London, this perspective is somewhat justified. There is knowledge as well as massage styles and techniques unique to Asia, and only a person who has trained there will have that expertise.

Another reason men find London Asian escorts so attractive is that they have certain features that are indeed distinctly different to European women.

Some men are attracted to the unique woman in the crowd.

They're bored with what they know and wish to try something new.


London is the best place outside Asia to experience sensual Asian massages

Asian massages are very popular in London, and rightly so.

London is a very diverse city, and there are plenty of masseuses who actually come from Asia with expertise in Asian erotic massages.

When you go for an Asian massage, you're getting the real thing.

Also, massage parlours are legal in London. It can therefore be very classy, and definitely not the seedy experience some expect.

London has embraced the Asian erotic massage like no other city.