What To Expect From Our Full Service VIP Session

When you book a full service massage in London from Asian Nuru Escort, you can expect an experience like nothing you've had before.

Sexual release is just one factor of a session that will redefine your perspective of eroticism.

Massages are both relaxing and sensual, stress-free and fun.

If you're wondering exactly what our full service session entails, here is what you can expect.

Shared shower

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To prepare you for the massage, you and your massage therapist begin with a shared shower.

Soaking your body with a beautiful, nude Asian girl, you'll quickly realise how explosive the session is going to be.

Deep Tissue Massage

Once the shower is done, you will lay down on the massage table and let your masseuse give you a deep tissue massage.

This will relax your body, while relieving any tension and stress in your muscle and tissue.

Erotic Tantric Touching

From here, your full service massage in London moves into a more erotic phase.

The masseuse begins to massage your genitals, with her hands and mouth. She will touch you all over, kiss you all over, and indulge in oral.

She will begin to massage your prostate, making sure to take it as slowly (or quickly) as you'd like.

The prostate massage will bring you a whole new type of sexual bliss. You will be brought to sexual climax and kept there for far longer than you could have imagined.

A prostate massage, unlike a genital massage, does not need to end at the first sign of climax.

Full Sexual Bliss

Finally, your massage will be brought to completion with your full sexual bliss.

Using oral, genital massage, and prostate massage, your masseuse will find the perfect way to complete your fantasy.

You will take some time basking in the afterglow of intense erotic fulfilment.

Once the session is over, the masseuse will give you a sensual goodbye, taking your leave until you're back for the next one.

Her expertise will guarantee you'll soon return for another full service massage at Asian Nuru Escort.