Why London Is The Best Place On Earth For Erotic Massage

When you think of erotic massages, London might not be the first city to come to mind.

After all, it’s well known that many of the best erotic massages come from different parts of Asia.

Japan and Thailand are renowned for massages that have very happy endings. Other Asian countries exploit the association.

However, there are many reasons why you'll find the best erotic massage in London. In fact, nowhere else comes even close.

Not convinced?

Here are just a few of those reasons.

Diversity, diversity, diversity

Yes, Japan originated some fantastic massages. So did Thailand. But London is an incredibly diverse city, and therefore has the advantage.

While these massages may have originated elsewhere, they have converged in London. There is a huge variety of massages to try, from the East and the West.

sensual massage.jpg

Tantric massages may strike you as particularly Eastern, but they're actually a Western twist. Nuru massages are quintessentially Japanese, but they have found a second home in London.

Then there’s prostate massages, an addition you won’t necessarily find elsewhere. Massages that focus on the prostate are orgasmic on a level no one expects.

In other words, massage is not limited to one region of the world. But that no longer means they aren’t available here.

Globalisation has opened the door for different styles to be shared.

And while some regions are still intent on sticking to their roots, you don’t have to travel there to try their massages.

You can try each and every one in London, over and over again.

Diverse masseuses

And it’s not just the massages that are diverse. The massage therapists come from all over the world and from entirely different backgrounds.

This means you can get a nuru massage from a Japanese masseuse. But you could also get that massage from a Latina goddess.

There are masseuses who are expert at different types of massages. And there is definitely someone to suit your tastes.

Whether you are particularly turned on by one race or another, you can get an erotic massage from a girl of your choice.

Erotic massages are also appreciated here, which means that massage therapists can make good money. They're not down and out girls looking for whatever they can get.

They're professionals who are held to high standards.

No hiding in the shadows

Finally, London has a booming massage industry because it is accepted here.

Unlike other Western countries where erotic massage therapists have to hide in the shadows, London masseuses can be a lot more open about what they do.

This allows London’s culture of massage therapy to be the best in the world. You won’t be lying in a seedy parlour in an alleyway.

Getting an erotic massage in London is worthwhile for a number of reasons.

It’s the only place where you can find any massage style you want from girls from every background. You'll never get bored with what’s on offer.

No matter what you experience first, there are plenty of reasons to keep coming back.