Asian Duo Fantasy

An Asian four hands duo massage in London is exactly like it sounds.

Two beautiful Asian girls working in tandem to bring you the most pleasure possible, while you simply lie there and take it in.

They know all your pleasure points, and will activate multiple simultaneously.

It’s every man’s fantasy massage, with two sexy Asian women there entirely for your pleasure.

What happens in our London four hands duo massage?

The masseuses will start off by taking you to the shower, preparing your body, making it sensitive to the nuances of touch.

They will lay you on the massage bed and begin working together on different parts of your body.

You will experience pain relief and relaxation, in tandem with intense erotic pleasure.
asian four hands massage in london.jpg

Throughout the experience, the masseuses will interact with one another, bringing your fantasies to life with their playfulness.

You will have two impossibly sexy women to focus on, as they bring you physical and mental pleasure.

Engaging your whole body

These erotic massages in London are everything you ever wished for.

The only thing lacking is that they can only focus on one part of the body at a time.

Well, the duo massage solves that problem.

By engaging your whole body, the masseuses bring you the ultimate pleasure.

To the point that anything more would be too much.

They are experts at hitting the right pleasure points at the right times, making sure to prolong your erotic ecstasy, becoming everything you've dreamed of and more.